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Book Blogging: Bullet Journal Organization

There have been a lot of bloggers helping bloggers posts floating around the book community lately and I thought I would add my little tid-bit.

My ‘bullet journal’* is the heart and soul of my blogs’ organization. The best decision I ever had was mapping out my blog posting schedule!

*Quotations because what started as a bullet journal is now mostly just scribbled lists and plans









This is my journal! Nothing special – just something I picked up from Target. I prefer journals that have a band around it to keep everything I shove inside from falling out.






The key things I use are my Stabilo Point 88 Fine 0,4 coloured pensa Papermate 2B pencila rulerwhiteout and eraser*, and plenty of washi tape and sticky notes!





Every bulley journal has to have an Index right?

This is mine. It was abandoned. I had good intentions. Now I just sticky note the important pages that I need.




This is the important stuff! The blog post schedule!

I pencil in all my ARC reviews, blog ideas, and regular memes on a custom written calendar (each new line is a day). This way I can easily move around my post dates before they are ready.

Once posts are published/scheduled they get rewritten in pen.

I also have the same calendar on the opposite page for all my personal events so I can see when I need to plan ahead of time easily.




What else do I use my journal for? Lists!


Blog ideas! I have a smaller notebook in my purse that I keep with me as well as a list in my phone notes. Every week or so, I transfer my ideas onto this list in my journal.


Todo lists! There are so many of these in my journal it’s ridiculous. Particularly on days off when I want to get some posts done or if reviews are falling behind – they go here.


Book TBRs! I have one list of books that I want to put on hold at the library or add to my next book haul. I also have one list of my ARCs that I already have access to:


This list always has a personal deadline date, normally a week or so before the book is published so I can have a bit of leeway, as well as time to review and schedule the post.

I am planning on redoing this list (again!) to list what reading app the ARC is on and where access is from, as I’m now getting more ARCs from Edelweiss and personal requests.




And that’s it! Fairly simple. I’ve tried actual calendars, ‘official’ bullet journal rules, and daily planners but by far this is what’s worked best for me.




How do you organize your blogging? How scheduled are your posts?
Have you tried bullet journaling before? Let me know!


30 thoughts on “Book Blogging: Bullet Journal Organization”

  1. Wow! This is so organized, you put me to shame! All my post ideas are in draft form right now, so it’s a nightmare trying to sift through them when the internet isn’t working well. It’s such a great idea actually writing these down and post-it-noting them; I’m so indecisive about things, I just pick a post at random and publish it lol.

    Terrific post! Have I mentioned that I find your blog and posts really pretty by the way? The flower designs are gorgeous. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Aw thank you! You are too sweet!

      Yeah the trick of writing everything in pencil or on sticky notes so I can move things around is what has been the key for me. Sometimes I have ideas that I schedule in but then I’m just not in the mood to write that post. So I can switch things out to fit!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. That’s really smart! I would totally do that myself, but I know I’m too lazy to keep it up since, well, I’m not great at following through. *sobs* Ah well, hopefully I find it in myself to commit to it because your method sounds terrific!

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  2. I am in love with bullet journaling posts !! I’ll post mine later this month, as I just started it yesterday 🙂 So I like to see others’ and see some ideas of what I could add and such .. I also have a pre-made planner that still has a year in it (started it in July 2017) so .. I kind of don’t wanna abandon that one either, idk if I should copy in both – or use the weekly in the planner but rest in bujo, etc .. I still have some figuring out to do. and artistic skills to gain, ideally ahahah 😂


    1. Me too! I love the inspiration of how other people utilize it!

      I used to be obsessed with premade planners but since finishing uni I just haven’t been able to use them very effectively. I like the flexibility the bujo gives me instead.

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    1. Oh, I might go check that out!

      I found it a bit tricky in the beginning and it took a lot of trial and error to figure out what really worked for me. For example, the index just didn’t work for at all but it’s a pretty standard suggestion for bujos.

      But the best thing is looking at heaps of other’s ideas and having the flexibility to utilize what works for you personally!

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    1. I use the Notes app on my iPhone for on the go thoughts and ideas. But for some reason I just find it so much easier to write everything on paper when it comes to organizing/scheduling.

      And I’m with you! I love seeing how everybody else organizes themselves and trying their ideas!


  3. I always start with a new journal every year but I kind of keep it only for 20 days (oops?) I just use Evernote app on my phone to keep track of everything.I am hoping this will finally be the year that I will keep my journal.

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    1. I’ve loved hearing about the different ways that people organise themselves and their blogs on this blog post!

      And I have scrapped a lot of the “recommended” inserts for a typical bujo, but I just love how flexible the thing is over all!

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  4. I have had a bullet journal for a month now and I am loving it! I have always kept a notebook in my backpack (which I use instead of a purse) and always filled it with lists and to-do lists and whatever else I needed to jot down. So the bullet list wasn’t that different, it just organized and gave a name to what I was already doing! I need to get some Washi tape to decorate mine! Do you like the pens you use? I have been using the Sharpie Art Pens and I love them!


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