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BuJo Blogger | An introduction to my new journal and a new series

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This post will showcase my brand new journal which was gifted to me by Personalized Cart in exchange for an honest review. The specific product I received was the Leather Journal which was also personalized with my blog name!

Some of you folks may remember a little post I did where I spotlighted my bullet journal and how I used it in my blogging life. Since then, I’ve seen a lot of bujo discussions pop up in the blogging community, as well as have some of my readers request that I share more of how I use my bujo.

So here we go!

I’ve been trying out a lot of new bujo additions that I would love to share with you, including tracking my blogging schedule, my reading, my ARCs, my mental health, and my daily and monthly tasks.

Instead of doing a traditional discussion of sharing what I used throughout each month (which could become wildly repetitive when I get lazy) I want to showcase a different bujo element each month and share the different variations I have tried, failed, and/or avoided.

But first, a quick journal tour!

My new bujo journal is a blank paged journal, complete with a personalized Water Buffalo leather cover.


This book is actually so so soft and flexible which I LOVE and even better, the leather means it will wear out in a gorgeous, distressed sort of way, so I’m not scared about tossing it in my bag when I’m out and about.

Even better for you bujo creatives is that the pages don’t feel thick but they don’t bleed through! I swear this is magic paper because even colouring-in with my Sharpie made only the most barely visible mark on the other side.

And then there is the personalization. Of course I was excited when approached by Personalized Cart about receiving something personalized and just for me. But holding onto something that is not only embossed with your name, but your BLOG BABY’S NAME. There is something about this that makes me grin my face off every time I use it.

So why am I not using a dotted journal like everyone else, you may be asking?

You may remember that my previous bullet journal was lined. And this one is blank. But more often than not, dotted journals are suggested instead.

Throughout my time using a lined journal, I found myself creating the majority of my spreads as lists and not much else. Since switching to a less structured journal, I have definitely found myself exploring spreads in a much different way.

The biggest advantage to a dotted journal is quick measuring out of layouts. For me, that’s the only real advantage.

While this is super helpful, I personally use creating my spreads as a decent sit down me-time event at the end of each month, so I don’t mind taking some extra time to measure everything out on a blank page.

And there is something about the limitlessness inspiration that a blank page can inspire.

So what are your thoughts on bullet journals? Do you have one? Do you think them useful? What sort of journal do you have: lined, dotted, or blank? What sorts of spreads/trackers would you like to have a look at?

About the business


Personalized Cart is an American online store that provides a range of gifts and personalized products. They have a large number of countries listed for shipping with really reasonable product and shipping prices all round. So check them out!

*Disclaimer: I did receive my journal for free from Personalized Cart in exchange for an honest review. This did not in any way impact my thoughts and opinions provided within this post.


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Disclaimer: Header photo and Pinterest photo by Estée Janssens on Unsplash



6 thoughts on “BuJo Blogger | An introduction to my new journal and a new series”

  1. I personally prefer having at least a grid layout because it helps coordinate the sections in a bullet journal, but I currently use a regular calendar planner with each day set out because it can get a little overwhelming to keep up with a bullet journal at times. But I’m hoping to return to it when I switch out planners because this magic paper looks amazing!

    I’d definitely be interested in seeing how you organize your ARCs and schedule those out in your bullet journal!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yeah I get that. Thankfully, at the moment I actually have Mondays off work so if I’m behind I can sit down then and get my journal sorted for the week. But I completely understand the desire for something that is quick and easy to work with as well.

      I can’t wait to talk about tracking my ARCs because it is something I always struggle with a bit and I recently changed my technique up to something I THINK is working better for me!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Loving your journal! I remember your older post about your previous bullet journal, but I agree that a blank one is great for inspiration. 😉 Also, I’m loving the personalization! I’d be excited too if it was me!


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