My name is Becca, I am a 25 year old Australian who often reads way too many books at once. I am the face behind bec&bones which was established in September 2017.

I write book reviews and other book-related content because that’s what I am into! Long story short, I love anything related to the literary world and so I dabble in reviewing, blogging, book sniffing, and building book forts.

Other facts about me?

  • I am currently enrolled in a Masters of Information Studies
  • My aspiration is to work within the library/information/data collection industry
  • I live at home with my furbaby, India
  • I can almost always be found with a cup of coffee or matcha tea on my desk



Support and Affiliations

I am an overwhelmingly strong advocate for supporting literature in Australia, in particular young adult literature and the movement of LoveOzYA.


I also wholeheartedly support the creation diverse literature, and the publication of diverse authors, and encourage all readers to delve into stories that share and support diversity.

Diverse book = Set in a non-western world or inspired by a non-western world; or with a main character who is non-white, LGBTQ+; and/or disabled (physical, sensory, intellectual, psychological and addiction)

I have a personal passion for literature that includes mental health and bisexual representation. This passion has grown from personal experiences and therefore I provide ownvoice reviews on these publications when possible.


I am also a big supporter of the newly founded Rainbow Reads Book Club, which was founded by Alyssa @Pucks and Paperbacks. This online book club promotes and discusses a new YA LGBTQ+ book every month. You can check out more information here!


Please note that while I strongly support and promote the creation of diverse and Australian content, this will not mean my reviews will always be positive. I aim to be honest and critical in my reviews and discussion of all books, no matter their genre, inclusion, author, or publisher.


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